Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thought Of The Day...We do not remember days, we remember moments. Make moments worth remembering.
We have been so busy since my last post. Our son, Hunter has turned 4 years old. I just can't believe that he has grown so much. We had him the grandest Diego/Safari party. He absolutely loved it. We had all kinds of goodies, balloons, streamers. The jungle food consisted of Jungle Juice (green kool-aide), Grilled Boa (hotdogs), Beetle Wings (potato chips) Wild Boar (Barbeque), Bug Larva (Dip), Chimp Toes (cheetos) & Elephant Food (boiled peanuts). Oh, and the most beautiful Jungle Two Tiered Cake ever. Hunter's Aunt Jenn made that for him with so much love. It was awsome with monkey's, streams and elephants....Just plain cute....I really appreciate her doing that for Hunt. He recieved a mother load of presents. (we still havn't opened them all) I believe the total number of guests we had were like 40ish. I made goodie bags out of brown paper bags wrapped in twine with "Jungle Delivery" signs on them. He is one blessed little boy. He very much enjoyed his day with his family and friends that love him so very much. After all of that, I still can't believe my baby is 4...
The other day Hunter came busting in our room, where Chace and I were, "Mama, Daddy, Can I spend the night with Maddy?" To which we said "Yes" (Maddy lives with us, so he would be going very far). Then he just takes off running and slams the door...(He was very excited....Mama said "Yes")... Then about 3 minutes later here he comes busting through again..."Mama, Daddy, Can I borrow the car?"..."NO" we said together as if on que....Can he borrow the car...Is he crazy?!?!?! (That is such a scary thought, and a good demonstration of how he is just a growing up)
Well, that's all for now....

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