Monday, March 23, 2009

Update On The Family

Well, alot has happened since August when i last blogged (I am so bad. I really need to keep a tab on this)...So, Lets see if I can recall what has went on.......

Papa got sick and he is now in the nursing home for rehab, mainly to regain his strength. He will be coming home on April 1st. We are looking forward to that. He is homesick...Hopefully he will recover and be as good as "new"... We are aware that he will continue to get worse as time progresses due to the stroke. He is a pistol and has every nurse at that nursing home wrapped around his finger...They call him "Precious"!!!! Who would have thought that!

Hunter is growing up. Literally went through a groweth spurt. He will be starting Kindergarten in August. (makes me sad)...He is ready although I am not. My baby is growing up! He is a very smart child. I know that school will be a real learning experience. He is excited about it, part time, and the other times he wants to stay home with Mama.

Well, Here is the big news.....Chace, Hunter & I are going to have a BABY! I am about 7 1/2 weeks now. Only 32 weeks to go! I can't wait. The Baby is due November 7th according to the sonogram I had last week. The baby looked like a BEAN! We are going to do another sonogram April 13th to hear the heart beat. The lady said that my baby will have arms and legs at that point. I can't wait!!! Hunter is hoping for a Sister! (yeah, hopefully he is right!)


The Tucker's said...

That bean will have a "sprout"! Because, Hunter is going to get a BROTHER!

Okay, I had to tease you!

I'm so excited for you.... a baby! Wow!

And, I'm excited that you are going to keep up your blog... get to work!!!

Love ya!

WHS Class of 1981 said...

That BEAN is gonna be my GRANDDAUGHTER!!! Congratulations...and thanks for updating Stacey, my friends are over and I got to show them...Love you so much!